Cold Generator™ Scroll Chiller CICD Compact Series


The Trane Cold Generator™ CICD water cooled modular chiller provides reliable performance and optimized capacity from a compact, modular unit with an overall footprint that is 27 percent smaller than similar products. Operate one chiller or integrate multiple units to get exactly the capacity you need for adequate cooling or to establish chiller redundancy.


  • Sustainable and efficient—cutting edge features include a heat recovery option, and the ability to support thermal storage to leverage off-peak power generation. It supports “low flow-low temp” system design, which reduces emissions operating costs. 

  • Easily serviceable—saving you thousands of dollars in service and maintenance annually through convenient front-door access to compressors, evaporators, condensers, refrigerant and water pipe components. 

  • User-friendly controls are placed directly on the front panel. Using a single strainer per array reduces installation costs and minimizes service requirements. Simplified installation—integrating easily with building automation systems by supporting open standard protocols. Speeds up start-up by using a single power point for a full array, without busbar. 

  • The Trane Cold Generator™ CICD water cooled modular chiller serves all your current needs for a compact chiller that is efficient and reliable. It scales up easily to meet your future needs as facilities evolve and occupancy grows.


Cold Generator scroll chillers are an ideal solution for comfort cooling, low temperature process cooling and ice making applications in a range of facilities, including:

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Office Buildings and Commercial

  • Municipal and Light Commercial